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Ghana is one of the fast growing countries in west Africa, with a population of just about 28 million. The country is blessed with a stable democracy and incredible development. These conditions provides a joyful energy across the whole country.

The country is rich in resources like, cocoa, gold, diamond, timber and so on. Ghana is also know for the great diversity when it comes to culture, languages, wildlife, also how welcoming the locals are and the good access to all parts of the country. Although there is big difference between the northern and southern part when it comes to language and culture but yet still it is united as one. Ghana is an English speaking country and therefore is very easy for foreigners to communicated with the locals.


Agona Bobikuma is a town located in the Agona west district, roughly 2 hours drive from the capital city, Accra. It has a population of about 20,000 people. The main occupation is cocoa farming.

BFG & Bobikuma

We first came across Bobikuma back in 2009, at that time it was just a group of friends looking for adventure. That’s when we restored our first school, Bobikuma Catholic School.  We purchased our first land in the village back in 2013, the main purpose for this land was to grow cocoa as a long term sustainable project, Green Project.

BFG tour

As the organisation keeps growing, our search for ways to sustain the organization’s project also grows. The main objective of BFG tour is to raise funds to support the organizations on going projects by organizing group tours to great tourist spots in Ghana at charge. This tour also includes a 45 minutes hike to the highest point in Bobikuma and trip to our cocoa farm.  Almost everybody enjoys every bit of a chocolate but not everybody knows the stages between the establishment of a cocoa plant to the production of pods.

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