BFG Tour


Ghana is one of the fast growing countries in west Africa, with a population of just about 28 million. The country is blessed with a stable democracy and incredible development. These conditions provides a joyful energy across the whole country.

The country is rich in resources like, cocoa, gold, diamond, timber and so on. Ghana is also known for the great diversity when it comes to culture, languages, wildlife, also how welcoming the locals are . Although over 250 languages and dialects are spoken in Ghana, english is the formal language of the country.

BFG tour

As the organization keeps growing, our search for ways to sustain the organization’s project also grows. The main objective of BFG tour is to generate funds for the organizations ongoing projects.

This tour also includes a 45 minutes hike to the highest point in Bobikuma and trip to our cocoa farm.  Almost everybody enjoys every bit of a chocolate but not everybody knows the stages between the establishment of a cocoa plant to the production of pods.

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