Sweat, more sweat and a lot of love for BFG!

Hi to everyone interested in or already fond of BFG! 

I’m Antonia, 19 years old, from Germany and I volunteered for BFG from October till December 2012 and all I can say is: I just want to go right back!

Right back to a bunch of amazing people who give their best to move Ghana forward, to really help and support and not just talk about it. Back to an amazing country and its open-hearted people who really deserve to have better living standards and back to an organisation that is working on that with all its heart.

I supported BFG at the site in Bobikuma – a small village close to Agona Swedru – where we built a computer lab for the Bobikuma Catholic School that had already been renovated by the organisation and where we also gave HIV talks to the students. It was not always easy to lift blocks and paint wood in the Ghanaian heat but we could see the progress week by week and now the building is almost finished!

I got to know so many adorable people – from the BFG staff to the co-workers and other volunteers who supported the organisation very gladly. And I met people who now benefit from the work BFG did for them and I can tell how they appreciated it! It’s a good feeling to know you’re actually helping right where it’s needed.

If you’re considering working for BFG – do it! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will not regret. And if you’re not yet considering it – start doing it! Because BFG needs your support and can only exist with a lot of people standing behind it. The more we become, the bigger BFG can grow and the more we can change for the better in Ghana.

I hope for a bright future for BFG and I hope you too!