Christmas Event 2023

For our Christmas event, as a charitable organization, we recognize the significance of fostering interactions among children from diverse homes. The following insights underscore this importance:

As children engage socially, they begin to form a sense of identity and learn societal expectations. Although early social interactions predominantly occur within the family for very young children, their interest in playing and engaging with peers grows as they develop.

Interacting with others enables children to acquire proper social behaviors, such as sharing, cooperation, and respecting others’ belongings. Furthermore, through peer interactions, young children develop communication, cognitive, and motor skills.

Unfortunately, most schools often overlook these crucial aspects. Therefore, the BFG board devised an initiative to shed light on these areas.

The event is structured into four segments: Introduction, Entertainment & Refreshment, Lunch, and the Distribution of Gifts by Santa.

Entertainment & Refreshment: The event featured various performances such as singing, dancing, rap, and cultural presentations. The children enjoyed refreshments like soft drinks and cookies. Lunch, comprising vegetable fried rice and chicken, was served two hours into the event. Notably, the meals were sourced from a restaurant for the first time, aiming to ease the BFG team’s workload and create job opportunities.

The event concluded with Santa Claus distributing gifts, including books, toys, and candy to the little ones. The program wrapped up with a cleanup exercise, ensuring proper disposal of all waste.

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