2012: Akwakwaa Presby Primary School

Akwakwah is a village located on the bawjuase nkwata road. Roughy 35 minutes drive from agona swedru. There is electricity and runnunig water at the village. And it is also a farming area.

Presby primary school

This school services the children of akwakwah. The structure of the school is made from wood which is wearing off and is roof with dried palm fronds. This structure was built in 2003 and was later take over by the government in 2006 and all they did was supply the school with teachers. The school has been in this state for over seven years. With 300 students the school is divided into 6 classrooms. According to the teachers there is no school at all when it rains for just five minutes.This will be our first building project.

Project report

The project was divided into three phases since BFG couldn’t fund for the project in one go. That is a three classroom per phase.

The first phase took off in the early months of 2012. This phase was funded by BFG and other organization that supported as at that time. Due to lack of constant follow of cash, this phase took over eight months to reach completion.

Later that year BFG and Frame Work International partnered up to complete the rest of the phase. FWI played the part, funding for the project while BFG was in charge of supervising the project on the ground.

Phase two and three took of in February 2013. The project was structured in a way that the children of Akwakwaa Presby School will be able to make use of the rooms as we build. As already mentioned above, we built three classrooms per phase. These rooms had a floor, a black board, wall partitions, gaps for windows and doors.

Phase one and two had the same approach that is to build a three classroom which was 80% complete (the other 20% was more about the beautification of the rooms. This included painting, fixing of barristers and doors). The main reason why this 20% was left out was, we knew finishing the phases will take some time and if we will paint the walls of phase one by the time we get to three, the first one will look quiet old. Therefore the whole beautification aspect was added to the final phase.

The whole project lasted for a period of 16 months. The school was handed over to the community on the 30th November 2013.

The main Funded of this project was, Framework International and the minor funders are Foundation to Make a Difference and Friends of akwakwaa.

Problems encountered

The budget for this project was prepared in 2011 with a little a bit extra cost to cover for inflation the following. By mid 2013 prices have gone up so much that our previous budget couldn’t hold.

The project was the first time we were building from scratch and there were few things we didn’t planned for but occurred during the projects.

Another fact was, before we prepared the budget in 2011, we talked to the chief of the community to support as with sand and water. These were all efforts to cut down the budget. Mid way through the project the community cut these supplies. And this affected as in terms of finding money to cover these cost.

So far, we have come with new ideas and how to handle projects in the future to come.