Maintenance Project

Maintenance practice basically consider of the necessary actions taken to prolong the life span of a particular resource. It does not only conserve a particular resource but also reduce maintenance cost in a long run and also prolong the safety condition of an asset.
Maintenance is the ultimate form of sustainable practice, Our main goal for building or renovating schools is to promote child education at a safe studying environment. Over the past 7 years BFG has built and renovated a couple of government schools in rural areas. It is our target to build at least one 3 classroom block and one renovation project every year. But on the other hand it also our goal that these structures exist long enough to serve it purpose.
Therefore the need to add maintenance to our yearly activities. We can also be proud about creating awareness for maintenance practice in a Ghanaian community.
Both BFG and Framework International agreed to go back to these previous projects and maintain them after our past project tour in 2015. The schools that has been selected for the  project this year are; Akwakwaa presby School and Amonfro primary School.

Amanfro primary school was built in 2007 with a tight budget due to limited funds and the need for the project at that time. This had a lot of impact on how the structure was built in terms of classroom size, roofed veranda and quality of roofing sheet used. The main goal for maintenance on this project is to replace the whole roofing sheet, create a roofed veranda, fix damage wall and floor, replace broken doors and then eventually paint it. Maintenance work on the school started in February and so far we are a few steps away from completion.