Small London

Small London is farming village in the Awutu district with an estimated population of 500 people. Before Framework stepped in, kids in this and two neighboring villages had to walk over two miles to the nearest school, via a road that often washed out during the rainy season. As a result, only a portion of the more than 150 children attended school — and fewer girls, in particular, as they needed to be closer to their homes to help with domestic chores.

In 2010 Framework started working on building a basic primary school structure for the town. The school was handed over to the community on 26th November 2012 with the local Government School District taking over responsibility for providing teachers, administration and curriculum.

Gradually the six classroom was occupied starting from the nursery and just recently the last classroom was taken over by the fifth grade. Both the school and the community then put it in front of Framework to help out with another structure in other to complete the primary level.

The requested was approved by framework in November 2016. Work on a new three classroom block took off on 4th January 2017.