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Green project 2019

This year is all about making our farms ready to support our vision of been self sustained by the year 2025. By replanting dead cocoa seedlings and also promoting reuse of plastic and organic waste.

Handing over

The new classroom block was official handed over to the community of Pitanga on the 18 January, 2019. Our biggest appreciation goes to our partners, donors and the people of Pitanga. We couldn’t have done it without you guys. Visit our past projects to read more about Pitanga.

Good Finish

For the first time in 10 years, we have been able to finish a 7 classroom project in the northern part of the country. With support from Framework International, Lake Oswego Rotary Club and the Yakote Women Farmers.


My name is Karin and I’m from Sweden. I have been in Ghana five times and I basically consider it my second home now. The people is so welcoming and it’s a beautiful country.

I have known Kofi several years now and my experience from volunteering with BFG has been amazing. BFG is doing such great work for their community by building schools for those who can’t afford it, bringing food to orphanages, arranging christmas events for the orphanage children etc. It’s been a privilege working with them, I feel lucky that I have been part of the team. Last time I was there I helped by translating documents, painting a new school building, prepared for the pig farm, amongst other things.

If you ever want to experience the fantastic country Ghana and at the same time do something meaningful that will help many people, you should definitely contact BFG! They take care of you and make you feel comfortable in every way. And the most important thing is that you get to help with the most meaningful thing of all, to make sure children can go to school and get educated!

I am already planning for my next visit, maybe I’ll see you there!