Make a difference.

I am Hannah and I am from Germany. I had the opportunity to work with Kofi in spring 2011 during my almost one-year-stay in Ghana. We were renovating a school building in Kwaman, close to Agona Swedru. It was a great experience and a wonderful time, I will never forget. My best part of working on the construction site was how you get to see every step makes a difference on a day to day base. It was impressive to see how Kofi tries to start a social organization without any state support and without the necessary infrastructure. I can just recommend it.

Life changing experience

My name is Andrea and I am from Canada. I had the incredible opportunity to work with and volunteer for BFG in 2010. It was a life changing experience that I will never forget. Kofi has built an undeniably positive and integral organization that has brought so much to the Ghanaian country and people. He has the best interest of his country, the people and future generations. I loved my volunteer experience, Kofi made it truly amazing through his passion, great leadership abilities and always ensured I was taken care of in every aspect.

Building classrooms

The past 4 years has been great with BFG. My best part is the main goal of the organization, i don’t know of any other charity in the country that builds classrooms in deprived areas at zero cost to the community on a yearly basis. Workers are Paid well and on time. I also like the sense of togetherness, how quick the organization corrects it’s mistakes. Age is just a figure when it comes to the knowledge, jokes and experience we share during work hours. More than proud to be part of the team.

8 years working with BFG

My name is Michelle, and I am from Canada. I met Kofi in 2009 and have had the pleasure to work with him and BFG over the last 8 years. Kofi is a wonderful leader, and is so very passionate about the work that he does to help the people of his country. He is a generous host that goes above and beyond to ensure that his friends, staff and volunteers are comfortable and happy. I highly recommend getting involved with BFG, whether it be for travel, volunteering or for sending donations.

Team work

My name is Francis Acquah, i have been  working for BFG as a farm manager for the past 2 years. Since day one, I noticed you don’t build an organization but you build people and people build  an organization. I love the way we work as a team.

Time with BFG

Time with BFG always makes me appreciate life and couldn’t think less of memories with the team in 2012 during the HiV/AIDS Tour through the streets of Agona Swedru.

My passion

I’m Edward.  Passion is a feeling ,that tells you what to do and there is nothing that can stand in your way. It’s been an awesome 1 year working experience with BFG .


Projecting ones vision and working with good volunteers from in and out of Ghana is awesome. Am Lawrence Ben Rockson a proud member of BFG Ghana. Bringing happiness to kids in Christmas is my specialty. We build equality among us.


emma& malvaOur names are Emma and Malva and we are from Sweden. We came in contact with Kofi and BFG fall 2013 and got the opportunity to go there a year later for 17 days. We did a school project where we thought children how to brush their teeth and handed out toothbrushes and school materials to schools and orphanages around Swedru. During that time we also got to use our photography and take photos for BFG and awareness. We are really happy that we were able to go to Kofi and BFG since they were really welcoming and took good care of us. They are all amazing people and a huge help on the way! They are doing a fantastic job and to be able to be a part of it and just help for a short time was a privilege. If you ever think about going we truly recommend Ghana and BFG and we can promise that you won’t regret it!

Malva & Emma

Sweat, more sweat and a lot of love for BFG!

Hi to everyone interested in or already fond of BFG! 

I’m Antonia, 19 years old, from Germany and I volunteered for BFG from October till December 2012 and all I can say is: I just want to go right back!

Right back to a bunch of amazing people who give their best to move Ghana forward, to really help and support and not just talk about it. Back to an amazing country and its open-hearted people who really deserve to have better living standards and back to an organisation that is working on that with all its heart.

I supported BFG at the site in Bobikuma – a small village close to Agona Swedru – where we built a computer lab for the Bobikuma Catholic School that had already been renovated by the organisation and where we also gave HIV talks to the students. It was not always easy to lift blocks and paint wood in the Ghanaian heat but we could see the progress week by week and now the building is almost finished!

I got to know so many adorable people – from the BFG staff to the co-workers and other volunteers who supported the organisation very gladly. And I met people who now benefit from the work BFG did for them and I can tell how they appreciated it! It’s a good feeling to know you’re actually helping right where it’s needed.

If you’re considering working for BFG – do it! It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will not regret. And if you’re not yet considering it – start doing it! Because BFG needs your support and can only exist with a lot of people standing behind it. The more we become, the bigger BFG can grow and the more we can change for the better in Ghana.

I hope for a bright future for BFG and I hope you too!


Volunteering with BFG

We have spent 5 weeks here in Ghana volunteering with BFG in May/June 2012. Most of our time was spent in the clinic just outside of Akwakwah village, where we are living. Due to the remote location patients were often few and far between but the ones we did see taught us a lot about Ghanaian health care and the types of resources that are available here. We even got to see a new born baby just minutes old. As well as this we had the opportunity to go on child welfare outreach projects based in villages in the surrounding area. This involved both recording growth and updating vaccinations.

In the afternoons we sometimes got the chance to teach in Akwakwah Presby Primary School where we focused on creative art. The lesson on how to make paper aeroplanes went down particularly well! We hope to teach one more lesson before we leave.

One of the highlights of our trip has been giving HIV/AIDS talks in high schools in and around Swedru with BFG. BFG were extremely helpful with setting up a comfortable and welcoming home stay as well as helping to organise any weekend trips we wanted to take.

All in all it’s been a fantastic trip and gone by far too quickly! We hope to be able to come back in the future.

Ndella and Ezme

USask loves BFG!

The three of us are pharmacy students from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. We came to Swedru 4 weeks ago as part of a practical rotation focusing on international health and tropical diseases. During our time here we have had the pleasure of helping BFG give HIV/AIDS awareness presentations to schoolchildren in the villages surrounding Swedru, as well as helping prepare a future presentation about malaria. We were also fortunate enough to spend some time in the Swedru hospital and the Polyclinic in Nsaba, a village outside of town. At these sites we were given a first-hand look at Ghanaian health care at both a district hospital and a regional clinic, respectively, and we got to see the role of pharmacists and various other health care professionals within these settings. On our final day in Swedru, we plan to go around town putting up posters and handing out condoms to further spread awareness about HIV, how it is spread, and how it can be prevented at an individual level. BFG was very helpful throughout our time here, from arranging our fantastic home-stays to acclimatizing us to Ghanaian culture and making us feel at home in a faraway land. The time we have spent in Swedru will never be forgotten, and we are so grateful that we were able to spend it helping a fantastic organization like BFG!

– Janessa, Mike, and Melissa

i am Sammy, i am happy to be a member of the BFG family….Personally BFG has given me the opportunity to see nice places in Ghana. places like Ada foah – volta lake and the beach, Mole -trip on ferry and safari, Bobikuma- hiking, Kwaman – 2K farms, Akwakwa- ….i believe there is still more to come…..

Hi guys, i’m Dash, 22, from England.

I’ve been living in Ghana permanently now for 3 months, working with BFG on the current Akwakwaa project during this time, and must say how very well it has gone so far.  I also helped on site with the 2011 project in Kwaman for the last week of the renovation.

I first met Kofi when I was volunteering here 3 years ago with SYTO and stayed in contact after I returned to England.  When Kofi then set up BFG I was appointed as an executive director, and after coming back to Ghana in 2011 and helping outwith the Kwaman project I decided I wanted to live here for good, so in January I did just that and am loving every minute, as I knew I would!

I’ve met many great people in my ime with BFG, and the number continues to grow as we welcome more and more volunteers in all different fields and project types.  It is my hope that in time we can grow BFG to become one of the best known and most respected NGOs in the Central Region, maybe in Ghana one day!!  For now this means work work work to make this a reality.

BFG 4 life

My name is Jerry Nkrumah. i have been working with BFG as a project
supervisor for the past 8 years. I got the chance to meet great people from Ghana and other part of the world through BFG. I’m more than proud to be a team member.

If you ask me, i say this is just the right place to be!


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