We have many opportunities for individuals looking to do volunteer work in areas such as education, agriculture, and social awareness.

Christmas Event Project

Every year BFG holds a Christmas event for a local school and their community as a way to create a positive impact in communities. The focus is on providing children and their families with a hot meal and a small gift. We know that the holidays can be a hard time for many families who may be experiencing financial difficulties.

 Green Project

The organization has introduced a farming project to help sustain the organization and provide returns to help us continue to invest in our various projects and social awareness programs.  About 50% of the harvest produced is donated from the farm to a few selected children home’s around Swedru, Ghana.

Volunteer Information 

Requirements to volunteer

  • Must fill out application below
  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Volunteers are required to have basic knowledge in English
  • Have some type of experience in that area they want to work on

Some projects take place during specific months while other are year round.

  • January through November: Building/Renovating Schools
  • December: Christmas Event
  • Year Round: Teaching, Social Awareness campaigns, and farming

Program Cost

We can only quote a price once we know how long the volunteer wants to stay and which area he/she will like to work on. The fee charged will ONLY cover accommodation, airport pickup/drop off and meals. Volunteers are responsible to pay for their own airfare and any cost associated with passports, visas, and vaccination needed. As part of the fee volunteers will take a tour of our cocoa farm and learn the farming process and take a hike to one of the highest points in Bobikuma, Ghana.

NOTE: To enter Ghana it is required to get a yellow fever vaccine and must show proof upon entrance to the country.




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