Weitblick Freiburg

Weitblick is an NGO where students engage in educational projects. It exists in 15 german university towns. One of it is Freiburg, in the very South of Germany. The idea of the organization is to create a possibility for students to involve their skills and knowledge in social projects in Germany and abroad. The aims of all the projects are to enable a fair aproach to education for people of different ages, to better educate oneself in special problems, to gain a deeper knowledge of them and to create a consciousness for social responsibility.
The commitment is on a voluntary basis and the organization is supported through the members, donations, sponsoring and active helpers in society. Therefore there are some principles that are very important for us:
Transparency of our finances to assure that the money is used for what is is supposed to. But also transparency in our projects with a contact person in the field work.
Sustainability and reliability. That includes a sustainable work in social, economical and ecological aspects. For our project that includes a long term orientation.
Flexibility and diversity that is guaranteed through low hierarchical structures and the awareness that the biggest part of our potential are the different skills and knowledge of every Weitblick member. This potential is used if every student gets the chance to bring in his or her skills.
And of course the important aspect that voluntary work just has a chance to be successful in a long-term aspect if the work brings fun and there is a common motivation.
Our motivation is to mediate to people trust in themselves, safety and the educational basis needed. That it is worth to engage for!

Projects in collaboration with Weitblick Freiburg


In Freiburg we are working a lot in the local residential for refugees. From a group for children over different cultural offers to an e-learning program, there are many different aspects in this work.
Another point are actions for sustainability. Such as recycling, cloth-changing-market but also speeches and discussions about sustainability in economy.
The international projects are the support oft he Achiase Childrens Home, elementary school and the renovation oft he Nsaba Zion School in cooperation with BFG (Building for the future generation).