BFG Farms

In order to ensure the long-term sustainability of our organization, we identified the need for a revenue-generating project that could provide a stable income stream for the future. With that in mind, we developed a plan to create a cocoa farm that could sustain our organization for years to come.

Cocoa interplanted with plantains

Cocoa is an ideal crop for our revenue-generating project because it’s an essential ingredient in chocolate production, a multi-billion dollar global industry. This provides a consistent demand for cocoa beans, which helps ensure the long-term viability of our project. By growing cocoa on our farm, we can generate a reliable source of income to support our organization’s work.

Cocoa Farm

The cocoa farm is a long-term investment, but it can be interplanted with crops that have a much shorter harvest cycle, such as plantains, bananas, and cassava. These crops can be harvested and sold within a year, providing a source of revenue to maintain the farm. They can also be donated to local schools for their lunch programs, which provides an immediate benefit to the community.


This dual approach to the farm’s crops provides both long-term and short-term benefits, making it an ideal strategy for our organization.

Food donation

While the farm was able to produce a significant amount of crops in 2022, the output could have been even greater if not for some limiting factors. Transportation to the fields was a challenge, as was the lack of available labor due to limited funding.

Cocoa pods

These crops were sold or donated, helping to sustain the farm and support local schools. With continued growth and expansion, we expect to see an increase in production and impact in the coming years.

Chocolate sample

One day, we may even be able to produce our own chocolate, using the cocoa beans grown on the farm. This could provide a source of revenue and help to raise awareness of our organization’s goals. We could even use the chocolate as a way to spread the word about the important work we’re doing in the community.