BFG Scholarship Project

Some facts about Agona Swedru is that it is the district capital of Agona west assembly, as of 2010 the population was 1.2 million and the main occupation is farming.

One of the main problems affecting the district is poverty, alone the dependency ratio for the district is 79.1% with the total dependency for the rural higher 95.3% than that of the urban 74.7%.

These conditions lead to:

School dropouts, children on the streets, high rates of teenage pregnancy, single parents, drug abuse, unemployment, and child labour. These conditions were alarming to our organization and that is why we initiated a scholarship program. We wanted to offer as many as opportunities for children to attend school those who come from low income families who demonstrate academic achievement. We strongly believe poverty can be reduced by making education more accessible by exposing children to an educational environment.

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