Christmas Event 2014

Project Christmas Party 2014

This event was organised for the children’s homes in and around Agona Swedru. The main goal of the project was to give orphans and street children the taste of Christmas and togetherness. The venue for this event was Ahenfie Spot.


The event began at 2pm of the 14 of December. The spokeman for the event was Mr. Annan. He introduced the various homes that were there and also gave a speech about the main goals of the event. He also used the opportunity to say a big thanks to the sponsors.
The main activities that took place were a dancing competition, singing, rapping, poems, a cultural performance and so on. Each home was encouraged to take part in all of the activities.

The kids were served with cakes, drinks and food. Towards the end of the event, the kids were introduced to Santa Claus. Most of them were really excited especially when there heard about the Christmas gifts.
All the goals for this event were achieved. The main problem that we faced was that we only received the funds to organise the event a few days before, this made organizing and getting the items needed really stressful.

We hope to organize the same event this Christmas, but this time we hope to plan ahead, have all the funds available a month before for the event and also reach out to more children.
The main sponsor of this project is Foundation to Make Difference. We also got donations from various individuals, this amount was spent on the Christmas tree, carpet and the Santa Clause outfit.


The homes that benefited from this event were: Meet Kate foundation, Achinase Children’s home, Helping Hands Children home, and Faith Needy Home. At this point we cannot really tell the actual number of children from every home but the food, drinks and gifts were 400 each and they all run out.