Christmas Event 2016

Christmas event, as a charitable organization we find the interaction of kids from different homes very important. Based on the facts below;

Through social interactions, children begin to establish a sense of “self” and to learn what others expect of them. Although
social interactions for very young children primarily occur within the family, as children grow and develop, they become more and more interested in playing and interacting with other children.

When playing with others, children learn appropriate social behaviors, such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting the property of others. In addition, while interacting with their peers, young children learn communication, cognitive, and motor skills.

All the facts listed above are most often ignored by the care takers of children homes that’s why the board of BFG came up with an idea that will throw some light on these areas.

The event is divided into four parts, Introduction, entertainment & refreshment, Lunch and Handing out of gifts by santa.

Introduction ; Just as 2015’s christmas event, this year’s event was a blast. The program kicked off with an introduction from the event’s spoke person and also a short speech from Jerry Nkrumah, he will welcomed all the invite guest and Also thank the Almighty God and our sponsors for seeing us through the fund raise for this event.

Entertainment & Refreshment ; The event was opened for performance like, singing, dancing, rap, cultural performance and so on.  The kids were refreshed with soft drink and cookies. Lunch (vegetable fried and chicken) was served 2 hours into the event. For the first time the meal was  purchase from a restaurant just to reduce the work load of the BFG team whiles providing job opportunity for others.

The event end with Santa clause handing out gifts in the form of books, toys for the little ones, candy and so on. The program was closed with a clean up exercise where all waste was probably disposed.

Much love to all to our donors.