Elizaberth Baffoe Computer Laboratory

The laboratory was built back in 2013 under the supervision of BFG. It was funded by a Canadian organization, Project World Citizen. The main goal of this project is to; educate both the young and old generation of Bobikuma on basic introduction to computer science.

From our survey before the construction of the laboratory, we realised two things;

  • Non of the schools in the village has access to a computer laboratory, therefore there is nothing like practical lesson on computer science. But yet still they have to write a high school entrance exams that covers this practical aspect.
  • Little jobs like, printing, photocopies and so on can not be done in the community.

Therefore the first point is the main goal of this project, that is to provide free Computer science education for primary and junior high student in Bobikuma. while the second point is how we plan to sustained the project, that is providing services for the outside public through printing, photocopies and so on at a charge.