Elizaberth Baffoe Computer Laboratory

The Elizabeth Baffoe computer laboratory was built back in 2013 under the supervision of BFG. It was funded by a Canadian organization, Project World Citizen. The main goal of this project was to educate both young and old individuals in the town of Bobikuma with basic computer science skills.

Before the construction of the laboratory we realized two things:

  • First none of the schools in the village had access to a computer laboratory yet they were taking courses and exams about computer science without a computer.
  • Having a laboratory can help create jobs involving computers within the community. 

One of our mains goals was to be able to provide free Computer Science education for primary and junior high students in Bobikuma. Additionally we hoped students would gain valuable skills and knowledge to help them be successful in there education. Through this project we provided services to the public such as printing and photocopying to help fund this lab.