Kwaman 2019

Kwaman is a rural community in the Agona west district. It’s population is just under 10,000. The main occupation in the community is peasant farming.

Kwaman Basic Primary was established on the 3rd January, 1953 with 4 teacher present including the head master at that time. It was then a muddy structure but along the line when the community saw the important of education, they joined the school in putting up 2 more classroom blocks.

Kwaman Basic Primary today has an enrollment of 350 students with over 15 teaching staff. The school as at this time is one of the best in the district according to the District Education Office.

The school is going through serious depletion at the moment in terms of the roof, walls, floor and so on. The nature of the structure is posing a threat to the entire school and community. Our main objective here is to make the school safe for both the kids and the teachers.