Kwansakrom Primary School

Over the past four years, we have been building or renovating schools in rural areas, the main goals of these projects was to promote education in a safe environment without considering enrolment in the school. With the efforts from our partner organisation “Frame Work International”, we have decided to make over population in a school our main concern. And overcrowded schools are usually found in bigger communities like Agona Swedru. Due to this, BFG and Frame Work International have decided to Build a three classroom block for the Kwansakrom Primary School

Kwansakrom is a community in Agona swedru. The main occupation there is trading, farming, building and so on. The Kwansakrom primary school was established in 1964. The school currently has six classrooms for 410 pupils. Due to over population in a class, a wooden structure that was meant to be a canteen has been converted to an extra classroom.

This project was finished and handed over on the 10th of november 2015.