Meet Kate Foundation

Meet Kate Foundation is an NGO in Agona Swedru, our main goal is promoting good education in a safe environment for kids from mid income and low income families whiles also providing scholarships for kids with good potentials but from a least fortunate family. The minor goal is to invest in projects that will sustain the organization in the future.

Meet Kate Academy is located in Ekwamkrom between Agona  Swedru, the District capital of Agona West.  One of the main problems affecting the district is poverty and a high dependency ratio.

The school was launched in  may 2010 with the idea of fighting against poverty  by providing employment, good education for orphans and children from poor families. The school was funded by Meet Kate Holland from 2007 to 2017. The main goal of Meet Kate Holland was to raise funds to support Meet Kate Foundation for 10 years. It was assumed that by end of this period the organization should be self sustained.  Over the past years, this project has created countless job opportunities, scholarships for both primary and secondary school students.

As at now the academy consist of Nursery 1 &2, Creche , Kindergarten 1&2, Primary 1 to 6 and a Junior High School. With 15 teaching staff, and 14 non teaching staff. And student population of 270.

Although we are self sustain now, we still rely on individual donations for ongoing projects and maintenance. For instance the school is currently working on a modern library which will be open to the community as well and also running a scholarship program for children from poor families.




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