Nsaba Zion School

Agona Nsaba is another farming community in the agona east district. Is about 20 minutes drivefrom Agona Swedru. It has a population of about 40,000 people and Nsaba is also the Capital for Agona East. The main farming activity there is the cultivation of cocoa. Nsaba is situated on the Akim Oda Road. There are six schools in the area due to the population size. One of the schools is Nsaba Zion School.

Nsaba Zion school was built by the Zion church 12 years ago. This school is both primary and junior high with 400 students. The primary part of this school is badly damage due to the facts that the six classrooms were not fully completed.

We are working together with Weitblick, Freiburg to promote education in a safe environment, by renovating the classrooms at Nsaba Zion school.

This project was handed over in November 2017.