Pitanga Primary School

In collaboration with Framework International

Pitanga is a local community in the upper east Region in the town of Bawku, Ghana. The main occupation in this region is farming and the community is comprised of a small health care center and has a population of 1,200 people.

The Pitanga primary school is the only school located in the Bawku community and the school is comprised of 3 block classroom. Upon visiting the school we noticed the classroom sizes were small and the ventilation was in bad condition. Some lessons were held under trees due to the school being too small and not being able to accommodate all the children.

Due to their only being one school in the town we wanted to help reduce the distance children had to take by expanding the size of the school. The neighboring community is 45 minutes away and during the rainy season in Bawku is prone to flooding. This was a concern for BFG because it put children at risk of drowning when the areas became flooded and in expanding it would create more room and decrease the number of children would have to travel to another town to attend school.

In taking on this project our goal was to build a 6 classroom block and add an office and storage room for the community. We strongly believe education is important and took this project on to promote the importance of a safe environment for good education and to support the local economy.

The project took off in March 2018 and we hope to have completed by December 2018.