Sustainable Projects

During the early stage in the organization, projects were funded through the sale of school materials and donations. Our main target for donations were family and friends to raise funds. This approach worked for two years but within that lapse of time we realized that the products being sold were not being bought as much and we needed to ask for donations to a broader audience.

We came up with a plan to invest in projects such as in Agriculture and Tourism to help BFG be sustainable in the long run. Our main objectives through investing was to generate funds to support local shelters with food and create employment for the locals.

The first project we embarked on was growing Cocoa plant fields to create a Cocoa Farm. In the first years the Cocoa seeds were planted along with Plantains and Cassava seeds. We decided to plant these crops because the crops could produce fruit for up to 25 years. The goal was to have 50% of harvest sold to the local market and reinvest it back in the farm, and the other half be donated to schools, shelters and people in need of food around Swedru.

The second project we initiated was a pig and poultry farm in which the eggs and pork were sold off in the local market. The funds that are generated from this area are used to support projects like the library in Meet Kate Foundation and to pay salaries of the staff. The animal waste from the farm is used as organic manure on the cocoa farms, helping expenses for maintaining the farm lower.

The third project to help BFG be self sustaining is the addition of BFG tours. BFG has constructed lodging near the farms in a quiet and relaxing area in Bobikuma. There are great trails for hikes, the lodging is great for a quiet weekend getaway, and there is a chance to go on a cocoa farm tour. Ghana is a beautiful place that is surrounded by wildlife, beaches and forest reserves, there is so much to explore and learn about Ghanaian culture and BFG is here to take you around!