Christmas Event 2017

As a charitable organisation we find the interaction of kids from different homes very important. This is based on the following observations, and more:

Through social interactions, children begin to establish a sense of “self” and to learn what others expect of them. Although social interactions for very young children primarily occur within the family, as children grow and develop, they become more and more interested in playing and interacting with other children.

When playing with others, children learn appropriate social behaviours, such as sharing, cooperating, and respecting the property of others. In addition, while interacting with their peers, young children learn communication, cognitive, and motor skills.

Therefore, just like last christmas, BFG plans to organise another Christmas event for children from various homes and orphanages this coming Christmas. The objectives of this event will be the same as last year, to provide needy children from different schools with Christmas celebrations and togetherness.

This event will take place on the 16 of December 2017, from 9:00AM at Ahenfie Spot near Swis school in Agona Swedru. Children will be entertained with games, dancing and rap competitions, music and other fun events. We will be providing food and refreshments for the kids. At the end of event, Christmas gifts will be handed out to each child by Santa Claus

Christmas Event 2017

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