ICT lab Bobikuma

This project, ICT for Accelerated Development in Bobikuma, addresses the aforementioned issues directly by building a new ICT facility in a newly renovated school in Bobikuma. This increases the chances for community members in Bobikuma to climb out of poverty by providing them with access and the necessary ICT training to navigate successfully in this globally networked world economy.

This project will provide residents of Bobikuma with access to an ICT facility ensuring that students at Bobikuma Catholic School gain ICT literacy skills coming out of each level of education. By facilitating the training of teachers, students, and other community members in ICT we will be promoting ICT as a community improvement tool and will be in line with government priorities.

1. Provide community members and students in Bobikuma with Access to an ICT center

  • construct a computer lab at Bobikuma Catholic School
  • install computers
  • provide textbooks and learning materials for each grade level

2. Provide training for teachers, students and community members

  • provide bi-monthly educational workshops open to all people in Bobikuma
  • train teaching staff to use the equipment and plan lessons for each grade level

3. Operation of computer lab

  • train local individuals to run and maintain the computer lab
  • charge approx. 60 pesewas ($.035) for each one hour of usage (non-students only)

Students will be better prepared and able to pass their computer science examinations. Community members will gain the capacity to work with ICTs and implement them into business activities. The school will be able to offer a better quality of services to students and will receive higher attendance and participation rates.

We will make the ICT facility financially sustainable by charging a small usage fee (60 pesewas) for community members (non-students) who wish to use the facilities. This fee will also contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the ICT facility and its materials. All students in Bobikuma will have free access to the facility. Training workshops held will be free of charge, and will be made financially sustainable by seeking corporate sponsorship to defray part of the training costs.

Local individuals from Bobikuma will also be trained to upkeep the facility and address any malfunctions of the technologies provided. Furthermore, support staff from BFG will be on hand to support.

In addition to the already mentioned activities of the project, we intend on providing access to Internet so that the facility will allow students, community members, and business owners the opportunity to connect to the World Wide Web. Through support from Project World Citizen Society and local businesses in Ghana, we endeavor to provide access to internet at this facility by the January 2014.

The results of this project can be scaled up by expanding and continuing the training programs offered to students and community members. Workshops can be created to address many aspects of ICTs in order to teach other components to those interested. This project can be reproduced in most communities in Ghana where access to ICTs is limited. During the design of this project, it was our intention that we would replicate in various communities throughout the country. We will continue to work with community partners to identify which communities have the greatest need, and then to alter any aspects of the project to ensure that it meets the needs of each community individually.