Building for the Future Generation is a registered NGO under the Agona Swedru social welfare. The main goal of the organization is to renovate or build schools in deprived areas. The organization also focus on the well being of kids in children homes and also creating awareness for social problems like, Malaria, Hiv Aids, Personal Hygiene and so on.

Over the past years the organization has built and restored over 10 primary schools in deprived areas and countless number of social awareness project.

In 2012, the directors of organization developed a Christmas   project that focuses on the social well being of needy kids in children home’s, schools and on the street. During December BFG organizes a  Christmas Event for many children.

The organization also introduced a farming project that should sustain the organization in 10 years and has  short term returns after one year, 50% of these returns are donated as harvest produce from the farm to a few selected children home’s around Agona Swedru, Green Project.

Based on what we have done in the past years, we have classified the areas that creates placement for volunteers into two, namely; On calendar placement and off calendar placement. On calendar projects simply refers to all projects that take place at a particular time every year whereas off calendar projects take place at any time during the year .

  • On calendar project; Building or renovating schools between January and August,  Paint work between June and November, Christmas Event December.
  • Off calendar project; Farming, Teaching, working at a local clinic, social awareness tour and so on.


Volunteers are required to have basic knowledge in English and also experienced in that area they want to work on.

Volunteer Fees

The fees charged by the organization only covers, accommodation,  airport pickup and drop off, food. But volunteers are required to raise some funds in other to support the particular project they wanna work on. We can only quote a price ones, we know how long the volunteer wants to stay and which area he or she will like to work on. And to top it every volunteer gets the privilege to go on our cocoa tour for free, that is a tour through our cocoa farms and the stages cocoa beans go through before it ends up as chocolate plus a 45 minutes hike to the highest point in Bobikuma.




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