Welcome to BFG – Building for the Future Generation! We are a non-governmental organization based in Agona Swedru, Ghana. Our main aim is the renovation of school buildings in rural areas, because we are convinced that only an intact, working school can provide the framework for quality education. In addition, we campaign to raise awareness of diseases such as malaria, HIV/AIDS.

In Ghana, schools are either public, belonging to the government, or private, generally requiring large sums for tuition. Government schools are widespread throughout the country, but as a result of their abundance, individual schools receive little attention. Especially in the small villages across Ghana, many of these schools have been neglected for years without maintenance or renovation. Consequently, a large number of these schools have been deteriorated by the environment: cracked walls and eroded metal-sheet roofs which provide poor protection against the elements, and broken floors which make for dangerous conditions, especially when it rains. All of these provide discouragingly unsafe environments for both students and teachers. Many schools also lack adequate materials and facilities, such as books, course readings and libraries, as well as the proper resources to support new educational programs in areas such as information technologies. BFG’s main objective is to provide a safe educational infrastructure for children. It is our aim to help kids obtain proper education by renovating currently standing school buildings that require restoration. Other goals of our organization include providing students with the necessary financial support and encouraging their interests in their own education. It is our hope that our goals will be met by giving access to adequate materials for study, providing scholarships and promoting student awareness in relevant topics such as personal hygiene, malaria and communicable diseases such as HIV/AIDS.


Below you see pictures of our past projects.